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Wow Twinkies are still alive! I had no clue. Eating one right now!


Help Please

So at school I have to do a book report and I can’t diside which book to read for it. I have two options City of Lost Souls by Cassandra Clare or Beautiful Creatures. I want to read them both badly. So which one should I pick.


Assassin’s Creed IV Black Flag – World Premiere trailer

NEW* Assassin’s creed 4 World premiere trailer. Said to come out October 29 2013. The First trailer for Ac 4. I would say it looks really good so far. one thing so far the main protagonist looks to be Edward Kenway. That’s right father of Haytham, and Grandfather of Connor. For more news check out They have been really up to date on all AC4 news. I have many questions about AC4, but most of them won’t be answered on till the game is out. One of my questions is “What about Desmond Miles”? I’m saying He’s died although many other people have said otherwise. Not sure if there will be any talk about the Animus and they just go right into this time period. I guess time will only tell. So are you guys excited for the next AC game, or are you rage quitting all of it. I will try to talk about more news regarding AC4 but I’ll probably just look on ,just let you find all the news yourself. Please like, and Go now and check out right now!


Assassin’s creed Ezio’s family (Rock remix)

By: Machinima

The classic Ezio’s family but with a Rock Remix. Amazing!

The Assassin Law

We hide in the darkness,

Strike from the shadows,

Bound by the creed,

We are assassins.

Stay your blade from the flesh of an innocent.

Hide in plain sight.

Never compromise the brotherhood.

Nothing is true, everything is permitted.


Assassin’s creed 3 rap

This is by the same person as the revelations rap.(Dan Bull) Another amazing rap.
“I’m an assassin one with a passion”.
-Otaku Person


Assassin’s creed revelations rap

I usually hate rap but this is awesome. This is the first rap I have ever liked. I probably only like it for one reason. It’s Assassin’s creed. -Otaku Person