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I’m just what the website says a random girl on the internet. I love anime, Minecraft, and well gaming. I post random stuff, from videos to rants. If you are reading this thank you for finding this and please comment. And please if you love anime please tell me some, because I love anime and love watching new series. OK Thanks!One quote I like by “If your not living for something our dead already”. I’m the kind of girl who get stressed out a lot. Someone who isn’t the prettiest, or the smartest or the one with the huge group of friends around her. I really only have one true friend. When I was younger I would always try to fit in with the popular group. Most of the time I would try and I was just the follower. I didn’t talk much to my so called friends because I was scared the wouldn’t like the real me. I act like I don’t care what people think of me, but inside I’ve always wanted someone to like me for myself. This year I’ve been trying that. But I’ve realized it’s hard to open up and really come out and say what your thinking.  I’ve always have felt lost, like I’ve been on a different planet then everyone around me. I’m also not a very happy person, I act a lot like I am but most of the time I’m not. Thank you for listening to my story.

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  1. Simran permalink

    Of course I will comment random girl I have never meet before. *wink wink*

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