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School is over! :(

June 28, 2013

Well school is finally out for me! I’m sad an happy all at the same time. For this is the last day I go to elementary school. Which means I go to High school next year. During the school day I didn’t cry. Not one bit. But now that I’m home it’s hitting me. I won’t be able to see all my classmates any more. I was in a grade 5,6,7 split. It was a amazing year. I loved my teacher and all of my classmates I got along with good. I guess it’s hard because I have always been at that school. All the way since kindergarten. Even before that because I would always pick up my sister, who is 3 years older then me. I always thought of it as my other home. I felt safe, and fine there. High school will be an adventure and will be fun but it won’t be the same, and I will always remember my elementary school, and all the memories I had! One think that will be really sad is that my best friend is moving to England, which is 8 hours ahead from my time zone. It will be sad for me and for her. But we will try to text a lot to each other. The days have really went by fast. It just felt like yesterday that I started school. A little kid scared and worried of what school would be like and if I would find any friends. As a kid I thought I needed a huge group of friends, to even be with the popular kids, but now I realize that I don’t need that to be happy, and one true friend is good enough for me!


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