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A random story

February 10, 2013

This is just a random short story I wrote. Please read it and tell me your thoughts. It’ about a girl who thought suicide was the answer. I’m not trying to say it is the right thing to do, I rally mean the it’s not.


People say life is too short to be sad. But I had nothing. I was an only child. But my parents didn’t seem to care for me. My dad was always on business trips, and my mom at the office. I wasn’t the prettiest person and defiantly not the most popular. I was the one at the back of the class. The silent one that people just ignored. I had no friends. As a kid I tried to fit in but just got turned away. I didn’t skip but even if I did no one would care. I was literally alone. The popular girls would push me down in the hall, my books would fall, but no one would help me pick them up like in movies. Every night I cried, and cried. So one night I did it. I grabbed a knife and went to the bathroom, and started cutting. The pain was terrible. I heard the sound of the front door closing and ran to my room. I hid in my bed. Then next day at school I skipped and hid in the bathroom. That night I had to end it. I couldn’t take being alone any longer. I grabbed four of my mom’s pills, and took them. I cut deeper into my arm, and now I’m lying on the floor of the bathroom. There’s a small pool of blood near my arm. Everything looks fuzzy. I think about what the teachers said in grade seven about suicide. They said never to do it, and that it’s never the answer. But if I’m not needed in the world then who cares if I die. No one will even know I’m gone. An hour later I died. The End


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