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Anime review 1

January 15, 2013

This one anime is Puella Magi Madoka Magica. It’s a magical girl kinda anime, but I would call it sinister. It may look cute buts it not. ImageImage

And the cat may look cute but it’s not.


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  1. Thanks for sharing about this anime show. I was curious what fans of Avatar (ATLA and LOK) were currently watching. On the wiki page for Avatar (ATLA) there were some comparisons to traditional anime like Bleach which I’m now following ( Right now, the plot is kind of on hold and there’s a lot of fighting (episode 30) but I think the character design of the male fighters is pretty well done (for the large # of characters introduced, they are pretty distinct). I’m also planning to return to Mushi-shi which I enjoyed for its artistic backgrounds and graphics (

    • Ya there are a lot of Anime out there. I haven’t watched bleach yet, but I have been watching quite a lot. Are you new to Anime or you knew about it and just liked Avatar( ATLA, LOK)

      • I never followed anime. I watched a little of Mushi-shi. I became aware of Avatar pretty late through a drawing composition instructor. when the drawing instructor first mentioned working on backgrounds for Avatar (ATLA), I kept thinking it was the James Cameron film but the instructor was talking about a TV show (which was confusing but I kind of blew it off). I also read graphic novels and got onto Gene Luen Yang’s website and he mentioned the ATLA books so I finally looked it up and started watching.
        so far, I admire that anime (as understood through Bleach) tells more dramatic stories through animation than much of what I’ve seen in American animation. I also like the cheesy, campy humor. sorry, TMI.

      • Well good luck finding animes that you like and I hope my blog sparks something and maybe watch an anime I review.

  2. Simran permalink

    I haven’t watched Beach yet ether but I like dark Animes like Soul Eater or Death Note.

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