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A sad comment

January 4, 2013

I was randomly watching Youtube, and found this. One of the top comments, spoke out to me it read”My pet fell ill and, while I was feeding her by syringe, which she hated, I discovered that she liked watching your videos. The last thing we did together before I found her dead the next morning was watch this video. It seems fitting somehow. I just wanted to thank you for that memory.” I almost started crying. I have lost a pet and that was one of the hardest things I ever went through. We had to put him down, I stayed in the room when they did it. Sometimes stuff happens that we can’t control, and this is a example. It’s a beautiful song, and anyone that has to go through this is sad, and I know how you feel, I’m sorry, and I hope you don’t give up on life, and keep going. I was in 5 grade when this we had to put our cat down, I remember that my dad, and two sister’s stayed home, and when we came back my mom cryed so much in the car. It was the first time I ever saw her cry. i remember how sad I was after it happend, I tryed to keep it in but one day it burst out when a girl called me a name. Now I’m in her class, and She’s a good friend of mine. I have learned not to keep your emotions inside, and that’s it’s okay to cry, I also remember crying almost every night after that. RIP Cuddles ( my family cat), and your pet AngelProjekt( person who wrote comment).


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  1. Simran permalink

    Oh my gosh that was the most saddest thing I have ever read. I was crying. You will be missed… Cuddles.

    • And the sad thing was there was so many likes and the person who made this video didn’t even reply to AngelProjekt.

  2. Simran permalink


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